Integration. Alignment. Culture. Talent.

Our Framework for Organizational Success helps companies understand the interrelated and nested dimensions necessary for them to reach their ultimate strategic vision. Grojean & Associates has the expertise to provide strategic insight and support across these dimensions or in any combination. Our experience in the current market shows a greater need among our clients for three broad approaches: Integration, Alignment and Culture built upon a strong foundation of Talent. 

Integration ensures that the key aspects of these five core dimensions fit into each other when two or more organizations combine. This is critical during an M&A or corporate/organization restructuring. Our focus on Integration incorporates executive team development, re-recruiting, restructure/staffing, human capital integration, cultural integration, and situational awareness/diagnostics. 

Alignment ensures that organizational performance is optimized by connecting these dimensions to each other and fully aligning them with the Vision/Intent. Alignment brings in executive on-boarding/transition, re-creation/re-genesis, performance optimization, organization design, and strategic HR. 

Culture is often the most difficult dimension to change, and yet is the most critical to any significant organizational initiative. If fact, most organizational change initiatives fail because they aren't anchored in the culture. Our focus on Culture provides assessments/diagnosis, employee engagement, organizational change/readiness for change, international operations, and expat preparation.

Talent serves as the foundation for each of the three approaches above. We are committed to helping our clients attract, select, develop and retain the skilled workforce necessary for long-term success. Our focus on talent includes veteran labor recruitment, executive search, leader development, executive coaching, succession planning and 360-degree feedback.

Each engagement we undertake with our clients is tailored to their specific needs and desired outcomes. We create success because we make it our business to thoroughly understand our client’s industry, their business and their vision.

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