Attract. Select. Retain.

A recent survey of Fortune 500 companies asked HR executives how satisfied they were with their veteran hiring programs. Only 7% responded as satisfied or very satisfied. Given the stated desire of these companies to improve their veteran workforce, this number suggests a serious deficit between hiring desires and performance. The same executives in this survey attribute several factors to this gap. By far, the two most significant inhibitors are (1) the inability to attract high-quality veteran applicants and (2) the difficulty in translating military experience to civilian careers - capturing 76% of respondents’ reported challenges. 

Grojean & Associates not only addresses these challenges, but assists our clients in making the most of their veteran talent. To do this, we adhere to the following principles:

Focus on retention, not just placement. Hiring great veterans adds little to competitive advantage if an organization cannot retain them. It starts with getting the right fit; not only skills/capabilities matched to role requirements, but cultural fit as well.

Commit to the retention of our placed veterans, providing not only post-hire support but financial guarantees.

Engage veterans early in their transition process, focusing on military specializations that are specific to our clients’ craft and skill labor needs. 

Assist veterans in communicating their value to organizations, translating military experience into civilian capabilities.

Build long-term relationships with our clients; remaining engaged well beyond the veteran hire. We offer advice, guidance and assessment of veteran specific retention programs.

Our Process

Among the ways that we help our clients find and keep those skilled veterans who best fit their organization are:

Utilize relationships across military services, social networking tools and traditional recruiting methods to build a talent pool of military service men and women with advanced trades-skills

Once establishing skill fit for the role, ensure that the veterans workplace preferences are aligned with our client's company culture

Prepare our clients with the tools to manage their veteran workforce and to assist in the transition from military to private sector work environments

Get veterans, who come from a culture heavily aligned around mentorship, quickly connected with the right mentors in our client's company

Develop internal veteran networks to provide a sense of community and an avenue for engagement with people with similar service experience


The Case for Veterans

As a veteran owned company, it is easy to see why we  believe in the social value of hiring veterans. They have served our country and in turn, should have that service honored with an easy transition back into the civilian workforce. Successful transition subsequently reduces the risk of veteran homelessness, social and interpersonal disconnection; as well as may mitigate some of the impact of combat related stressors.

Beyond this however, there is a substantial business case to be made for hiring veterans. Each year up to 200,000 veterans leave the service, at a time when the United States is facing critical shortages in skilled and craft labor across a wide array of industries.  If we consider that a majority of exiting veterans are at craft and skill labor levels – we serve both the veterans and industry by placing those veterans in the right roles.

Further, reintegration data over the past 5 years provide evidence that veterans:

  • Are more likely to stay with an organization
  • Perform higher on average than their peers
  • Bring more experience with safety awareness and practice
  • Are a more diverse workforce with greater linguistic skills and cultural insight
  • Form a ready pool for future leadership/management development
  • Serve as built-in recruiters for future veteran hires