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For Our Clients

Learn more about our process and the benefits of hiring veterans at our Why Veterans page.

For Our Veterans

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Many of our clients are experiencing a shortage of skilled labor within their industries. As our client partnerships have grown through our other strategic offerings, they are now turning to us to help solve their entry- to mid-level skilled labor needs. They need to not only recruit talent, but to ensure that talent is appropriately skilled, placed and engaged - leading to more successful long-term retention.

As a veteran-owned company, we know that a highly-qualified pool of skilled labor is already available in veterans who are newly or soon-to-be separated from their military service. But often, companies that don't have experience in recruiting and hiring veterans struggle with on boarding, engaging and retaining this population.

In order to bridge this gap, we work with our clients to understand the veteran community and what to expect when hiring veteran labor. And we provide them with pre-screened candidates who already have the skills they are looking for. As applicable, we provide testing and assessments of our veteran talent to help ensure good skill and cultural fit within our client's organization. We want successful long-term placements for both our clients and the veterans we serve.

Additionally, we help clients understand that retention is significantly affected by their methods and practices for bringing veteran labor into their organization. To ensure success, we assist with developing strategic on boarding and sponsorship programs specific to their new veteran employees.

These programs provide a:

  • Smoother transition for veterans into the private sector
  • Better fit between veterans and company culture
  • Deeper engagement for veterans within the organization, and
  • Better retention rates than non-veteran peers

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